Temporary Pass or No Credit Grading Policy


In acknowledgement of the extraordinary disruption to the Spring 2020  Semester, RVCC is making alternative grade options available to students. This policy does not apply to the Spring Semester First 7 Weeks that ended on March 7, 2020.
The new grading options for students include:

  • You may select a grade of Pass instead of an A, B+, B or C+, C grade. By choosing this option you will receive credit for the course, but it will have no impact on the calculation of your GPA.
  • You may select a grade of No Credit instead of a grade of D. By choosing this option you will not receive credit for the course, and it will have no impact on the calculation of your GPA. While a D is considered a passing grade at RVCC, a D grade may not transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • No grades of F will be awarded to any student for the Spring Semester. If you are failing a course, you will be awarded a grade of No Credit. You will not get credit for the course, and it will have no impact on the calculation of your GPA.

If you want to choose the Pass or No Credit option, you should contact your professor at any point in the Spring Semester. After grades have been posted by your faculty, you will have until May 21, 2020 to change your letter grade to Pass or No Credit.

If you are still unsure of what grade to select, please speak with an advisor. Contact Advising and Counseling at acs@raritanval.edu.

To help you in making your selection view the chart below.

If you chooses the standard grade optionIs the letter grade calculated in the GPA?Do you get credit for the class?

If you choose the P/NC option

Is P/NC calculated in the GPA?Do you get credit for the class?
AYes (4.0 x credits/total)YesA becomes PNoYes
B+Yes (3.5 x credits/total)YesB+ becomes PNoYes
BYes (3.0 x credits/total)YesB becomes PNoYes
C+Yes (2.5 x credits/total)YesC+ becomes PNoYes
CYes (2.0 x credits/total)YesC becomes PNoYes
DYes (1.0 x credits/total)Yes - but credits may not transferD become NCNoNo


Q: If I choose the Pass option now and notify my professor, do I need to continue to complete the course requirements?
•    Yes, all course requirements must be completed to receive a Pass grade. Even if you decide now to take a Pass grade, you are still required to complete all course work.

Q: Will courses receiving a Pass grade transfer to four-year schools?
•    Many four-year colleges and universities have adopted Pass/Fail or Pass/No Credit for all or some of their courses in light of the current pandemic. Therefore, it is very likely that they will accept our Pass grade. Negotiations are underway to have all New Jersey public and private colleges and universities accept a Pass grade. There is, however, no guarantee that the grade will be accepted. Please check with your transfer school and its policies on accepting credits.

Q: If I have question about this new grading policy, who should I contact?
•    First year students should contact at FYE@raritanval.edu or 908-526- 1200 x8522.
•    All other students should contact Advising and Counseling at acs@raritanval.edu or 908-526-1200 x8336.

Q: How will this policy impact me if I’m taking a developmental math or English class?  
•    You can still select the Pass option, but your originally computed letter grade will be used to determine placement in the next course sequence.

Q: I’m a Visiting Student. How will this policy impact my ability to transfer a course back to my home school?
•    Check with your home college before selecting any grade option to make sure the course will transfer.

Q: How will this policy impact my financial aid?
•    In most situations, there will be no impact on your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) needed to maintain financial aid. If you are on SAP Probation, contact Financial Aid at finaid@raritanval.edu.  

Q: Will this grading policy be available for Summer 2020 courses?
•    No this policy only applies to Spring 2020 with the exception of the First Seven Week Term that ended on March 7, 2020.

Q: If I opt for a Pass or No Credit grade can I change my mind later?
•    You may appeal for a grade change (from P/NC to letter or from letter to P/NC) up to one year after the end of the course.  You must submit a grade appeal request, which will be reviewed by a committee.

Q: If I opt for a Pass or No Credit grade can I retake the course for a letter grade in the future?
•    Whether you select a letter grade or P/NC, you always have the option to retake a course once for a better grade, as long as a higher level course has not been completed.

Q: How does the Pass/No-credit or a W grade option impact clinical or pre-nursing students?  
•    Spring 2020 Clinical Nursing Students: A Pass/P grade indicates that you can continue in the nursing program and you have met the nursing course requirement. A No Credit grade means you did not meet the requirements and did not pass. As per policy, a letter will be sent regarding the next steps. A W grade for any nursing course will not count against you. 
•    Pre-Nursing Students: A Pass grade in BIOL 124 and BIOL 125 in the Spring 2020 semester meets requirements to apply to the clinical nursing program.  A Pass grade in BIOL 133 will indicate a pre-nursing student and/or clinical nursing student has met the nursing degree requirement.  A No Credit/NC grade means you did not meet the requirements and did not pass. The No Credit/NC grade or a W grade for BIOL 124, BIOL 125 or BIOL 133 will not count against you when applying to the clinical nursing program in current or future semesters.
•    Contact Nadine Larson at nadine.larson@raritanval.edu with any further questions

This document will be updated as more information becomes available regarding financial aid and transfer of credits.