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Visiting Student


Summer Sessions

  • Session 1 begins Monday, May 18 (6 weeks)
  • Session 2 begins Monday, June 26 (9 weeks)
  • Session 3 begins Monday, July 6 (6 weeks)

First-time Visiting Student: click here to apply  As soon as you complete your application, proceed to Step 2. 

Returning Visiting Student: proceed to Step 2.


  • Visit course schedule click Summer 2020 Semester to view courses offered. To confirm there are seats available in your selected course, click on the Course Title. Please note: to view online courses select “Virtual Campus”.
  • Get approval from your home college. Course outlines are available to submit to your home college.
  • Once you’ve selected your course(s) fill out the Academic Registration Form If you have not received your RVCC Student ID/G#, please enter your date of birth.
    • If your course(s) has a prerequisite, submit proof that you have completed the required courses (copy of college transcripts, grade reports or a visiting student approval form) from your home college.
    • Email the completed Academic Registration Form and proof of prerequisited (if required) to registrar@RaritanVal.edu.
    • We will send you an email confirming your course(s) registration and payment information.