Certificate Programs for People With a Bachelor's Degree

Friday, May 7, 2021
Certificate Programs for People With a Bachelor's Degree

You already have your Bachelor's degree but you're interested in either furthering your training or adding a different professional certification to your resume in 2021. Increase your professional reach and expand your career choices with some of the best career training programs in New Jersey.
Here are some of the career options you'll have when choosing RVCC as your community college home as you pursue a professional certification.

Why Should You Get a Certification in NJ If You Have a Bachelor's Degree?

What are some of the benefits you can reap from adding a new skill set to your resume? Here are some compelling reasons why added training in a certificate program can mean a brighter future for you.

  • Increase your opportunities: You may desire to move up the ladder, but you seem stuck in one place in your career goals. Add the knowledge you need to get yourself noticed and promoted in your existing workplace — or an even better one. More skills equal a better job, and with it, higher pay, ensuring you'll be closer to your financial dreams and goals.
  • Change careers: It's never too late to change your path. That's why we offer certificate programs in NJ and specific career training programs that can have you in a completely different job in a short amount of time. Don't put off your passion. The time to act is now, and you'll enjoy the convenience of taking courses online or in-person at our campus located on the border of Somerset County and Hunterdon County.
  • Take a leap into the job market with confidence: Not feeling too good about your resume, and you've been looking for a job for months without luck? Keep yourself up-to-date and relevant by sharpening your skills via our professional certifications. We offer some of the best career training programs in New Jersey, and our NJ certifications are accredited and recognized by professionals in every industry. Feel proud of your resume once your future employer knows that your skills can match any new college grad's. It's time to dust off your portfolio and make it shine.

Certificate Programs and Job Training

Think of our certificate programs as a power-up to the Bachelor's degree you received from a state college. Your degree is a good start, but a professional certification can give you the edge that sets you apart from other job-seekers. Consider some of the certification programs we offer at our local community college here in New Jersey.

  • Accounting - Break through to better opportunities with an Accounting certification. You can use this to build onto your existing Business or Finance degree or start a new path in Finance. The sky's the limit. Love dealing with money? A Professional Payroll certification program may be the best option for you.
  • Make-Up Artistry - Love doing make-up but never thought you could make a career of it? Turns out you can, and make-up artists are in high demand. Get professional training as a make-up artist and transform your artistic talents into a rewarding job.
  • Medical Careers - You don't have to be a doctor to enjoy a career in Medicine. Take one of our career training programs and gain certification in NJ as a phlebotomist, ECG technician, or in the field of Medical Cannabis - a quickly growing field that is flourishing.
  • Administrative Assistant - Polish up your professional resume with a training program in Administration. This always-needed career is a great way to get your foot in the door with a large company.
  • Welding - Work with your hands in the well-paid and never boring field of Welding.

Career Training Programs

Change up your life and go in a daring new direction when you register for one of our certificate programs in fields like Automotive Technology, Bookkeeping, Interior Design, Paralegal Studies, Human Services, or Event Planning.
You can be doing something new and exciting in just two years, no matter what degree you have from a state college or university.

Other options include Computer Programming (very relevant in today's changing technology landscape) and International Business, Medical Assistant, or Interface Design & Web Development.

Take the First Step

Instead of searching the web for "best community college certificate programs near me," register for an upcoming Information Session.

You'll learn about our career training programs and professional certifications, and how to put your best foot forward in the job market by enhancing your resume.

Discover why RVCC is the best community college for your career needs in New Jersey.