Access One-on-One Financial Coaching at RVCC!


Access One-on-One Financial Coaching at RVCC!

Monday, December 13, 2021
Access One-on-One Financial Coaching at RVCC!

College can be a life-changing experience, setting you on the path to your best possible future. However, the cost of college tuition is often a source of stress for both current and prospective students.

At Raritan Valley Community College, we offer a high-quality education at an affordable price. We’re committed to helping students understand and manage the process of paying for college by offering a range of resources, including Financial Coaching and free counseling for college admissions.

Read on to get the answers to common student questions about affording a college education—and learn how Financial Coaching at RVCC can help you navigate the process!

  • How much do you really save by going to community college?

The answer depends on your goals. Many students look to community colleges as a more affordable alternative to four-year state colleges or private universities. The cost of tuition at Raritan Valley Community College makes it possible to earn a degree or certificate without debt that will follow you around for years.
Many students take foundational courses at RVCC and then transfer to a four-year college to lessen the cost of their overall education. Compare the cost of RVCC to other colleges you may be considering, and you’ll discover the incredible value of an education at RVCCYou can apply here or contact an Enrollment Coach for admissions counseling.

  • How do I apply for financial aid?

The first step in applying for financial aid is to submit a FAFSA application, which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is free through the official government and state websites, and it is the only way to determine if you're eligible for grand money ─ which doesn't have to be paid back like loans!
The FAFSA is also required when applying for scholarships. Always be sure to answer the state questions and do so early, as state aid funds have strict deadlines.

  • What is financial coaching and how can I benefit from working with an RVCC Financial Coach?

An RVCC Financial Coach can help you with questions related to filling out your FAFSA/financial aid application, submitting documentation for verification, checking the status of your financial aid, or finding out your tuition balance. Similar to a college career coach or academic advisor, a Financial Coach offers one-on-one consultation.
Financial Coaches do not provide or process the actual funds made available for eligible students, but they know what paperwork is needed for the different situations that students may face. Their main goal is to help organize and streamline the process for students and make the experience easier for them and the departments that facilitate the processing.

  • How can a Financial Coach help current RVCC students?

Current students can work with an RVCC Financial Coach to ensure their tuition and fees are paid off each semester. The process tends to be quicker and easier after the first year, since a lot of previous information is just transferred from year to year.
However, we know that life happens every day. Financial situations change and emergencies impact our students without notice. For situations like these, it is crucial for current students to communicate with the Financial Aid Department.

  • How do I contact an RVCC Financial Coach?

Simply click here. You may also email Antoinette Bryant at, or call her cell at 908-297-6315.

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