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An RVCC degree is both esteemed and affordable. Receive a quality education from renowned professors, immerse yourself in a vibrant campus life, and walk away without the weight of a mounting debt. Compare the cost of RVCC to other four-year public or private New Jersey institutions.

Annual Undergraduate Tuition & Fees2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Annual Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Average Tuition by Category. Source: New Jersey Commission on Higher Education

2017 NJ College Graduate DEBTFrom: Project on Student Debt

Paying for College

CURRENT U.S. Student Loan DEBT

Paying for College

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Net Price CalculatorHow to Plan and Pay for College

Paying for College

The Net Price Calculator is a tool that students can use to estimate their “net price” to attend a college or university. Calculate your net price.