How To Find a Job Post-Pandemic


How To Find a Job Post-Pandemic

Friday, July 9, 2021
How To Find a Job Post-Pandemic

Finding a job can be a daunting task. From creating your resume and customizing your cover letter, to interviewing and facing success or rejection, it’s no easy task. However, if you have the right education, attitude, and strategy, it isn’t difficult to find a job post-pandemic.

Read on to learn more about landing your dream career once you’ve graduated from RVCC.

RVCC’s Pathways

Sometimes students know what they want to do when they graduate, and other times they need a little help. Check out RVCC’s career pathways so you know what is ahead of you based on your major, degree, and interest.

Another option is RVCC’s Career Coach a free online search tool that lets you explore hundreds of potential careers. Select a career that suits your interests and learn about educational requirements, job prospects and wages – all localized to the tri-state region. You’ll also get to view current job postings in the area and develop your own resume.

RVCC’s Career Services Department

Any college you attend can help set you up for success in your future career or academic path. RVCC students and alumni have access to the College’s Career Services Department. You will have access to career counselors that help identify your skills and interests. You’ll learn about internship and co-op opportunities that help you gain experience in your field. Lastly, you’ll have access to workshops throughout the year that help you become a more marketable candidate.
Before choosing a major, check out FOCUS—an online self-assessment that helps you determine your future major and potential career path after you earn your degree.

Applying for Jobs in a Post-Pandemic World

Regardless of how you found the job, you need to apply. RVCC has a Career Services Department that can assist current students and alumni. RVCC also provides you with an advisor and other tools that assists you with your resume, interviewing skills, and job search.

Remember as you apply to consider including some of the wording or phrases from the job description in your cover letter. Although it might seem cumbersome to write an individual letter, think about the person who has to review all of the resumes and cover letters—so make sure yours is thoughtful and stands out for the right reasons.

You’ve Been Selected to Interview—Now What?

Now that you’ve gone through the steps of finding the job, submitting an application, and waiting to hear back—the company is ready to schedule an interview. Many employers are choosing to have Zoom interviews as part of their process. This saves time for you and their team and lets them screen more candidates. Work with RVCC’s Career Services staff to learn how to put your best self forward in the interview and become a better interviewee. Presenting your best self in front of the team interviewing you will show you’re serious about the position.

To get started on an education that will lead you to finding your dream job, attend an RVCC Instant Decision Day. Click here to register.