Paying for College in 2021


Paying for College in 2021

Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Paying for College in 2021

Ready to head to community college to get a roaring start to the career of your dreams? Along with choosing your course of study you have to pay for your education. Learn how to pay for college in Somerset County, Hunterdon County, or anywhere else near you in New Jersey.

Don't worry — RVCC isn't just one of the best and most affordable community colleges in NJ. We also provide affordable ways for you to pay for your education, free tuition opportunities, and applying to RVCC is free.

Read on to find out how to make community college affordable for you in 2021 so you can pursue your degree without breaking the bank.

Community College Financial Aid

So, what is financial aid, anyway? Is it free tuition? Not exactly. Financial aid comprises numerous programs that are tailor-made for every student's specific situation, wherever you live in New Jersey. Wondering how to pay for school but don't have a dime? Read on.

RVCC Free Tuition Program

RVCC participates in the New Jersey Community College Opportunity Grant Program, which provides free community college to qualified students at RVCC. To be eligible for free tuition as well as most educational fees, you must have an adjusted income not exceeding $65,000, attend your local community college, and take at least 6 credits for the Fall 2021 semester. The first step is to complete the FAFSA or New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application.


New Jersey’s best and brightest high school graduates are offered scholarships to attend their local community college with the NJ STARS program. It covers the cost of tuition for community colleges like RVCC.
Eligibility is determined by:

  • Ranking in the top 15 percent of your graduating class at the end of your junior or senior year
  • Completing a series of rigorous high school courses
  • Taking between 12 and 18 college credits each semester

Once eligible, students are given 5 semesters for the scholarship.

RVCC Grants

Grants don't require repayment and are based on financial need. RVCC offers federal and state grants for students including Pell, Work Study, Tuition Aid Grant, and the Educational Opportunity Fund. To determine if you’re eligible for a grant, fill out the FAFSA.

RVCC Scholarships

Scholarships are perfect for prospective students who fit the criteria, and there are many types available to check into. Every year RVCC awards $300,000 in scholarships to worthy students. Here is an idea of who can be approved for scholarships.
Athletes, nursing students, students with a high GPA, STEM students, ESL students and first-generation college students are just a few of the many students who could gain scholarships to our NJ community college.
You don't need a 4.0 GPA to get this type of financial aid — there could be a scholarship perfect for you that would be the right solution for how to pay for college.

College Loans for RVCC

Wondering how to pay for school but don't have a dime? Read on.

  • Loans are exactly what they say — financial aid money you have to pay back later on. Keep in mind that community college is much more affordable than a state college, so loans are fairly minimal. Loans are a good option when you can't afford a payment plan and may not qualify for a
  • There are a few different types of loans, including Stafford Loans, which come in two types: Unsubsidized and Subsidized. The interest rate varies, and the government issues these based on need. You don't need great credit or a co-signer to get a Stafford Loan.
  • Federal PLUS loans are based on your parents' income and needs, and a credit check is required.
  • NJ offers financial aid, called NJ This loan is a fixed-rate option for residents of New Jersey who attend community college.

RVCC Tuition Payment Plan

You may have a good job or family members who can pitch in, but nobody has gold-lined pockets in this economy. That's why we offer an affordable alternative to a state college, and attending RVCC is a great way to get your basics under your belt so you can save the big bucks for a four-year school to complete your degree.
Payment plans are a good way for students with a budget to afford to pay for school out of pocket, especially for those who can't qualify for financial aid or didn't quite catch the right scholarship offer.
A payment plan will allow you to pay your tuition out over the semester, taking the pressure off when it comes to how to pay for school! Nobody wants a lifetime of student loan debt hanging over their heads, and our payment plans ensure you're all paid up when school's out, making community college a high-quality and affordable academic option.

Use the online Tuition Calculator to estimate your costs by determining what your courses could add up to before you commit. This means there's no sticker shock. This also takes into consideration any fees you may have to pay. The next step is to apply for the tuition installment payment plan. It only takes a few minutes.

Find Out More About RVCC

Never think that because you are worried about paying that you can't go to community college — we will always find a way to help make education affordable for our students and help you meet your goals.

Take the first step towards getting your degree by signing up for our Instant Decision Days. Meet with an advisor about courses and applying for free, talk to a financial aid expert about how to pay, and see how to get on the road to making your academic goals a reality.