Check Out RVCC’s Section For Parents


Check Out RVCC’s Section For Parents

Thursday, June 24, 2021
Check Out RVCC’s Section For Parents

Want to get all the details about life at RVCC for your student? Check out our parents page for information about RVCC’s programs, safety, financial aid, admissions, application deadlines, life on campus, support programs, and everything you need to know about your prospective student's future experience at the best community college in New Jersey! Here's the 411 on what you'll find online on our page just for parents.

Get to Know RVCC

Live in NJ and want your student to have the best community college experience they possibly can before transferring to a state college or other four-year institution? Have your child start their higher education at RVCC, which offers an unrivaled experience packed with support combined with the best community college education your child can get.
We aren't just tooting our own horn about our school — RVCC is known as one of the best, nationally recognized, award-winning community colleges in New Jersey. So if you've been Googling "best community colleges near me" and you live in Somerset County, Hunterdon County, or another nearby locale, you've likely stumbled on us.

RVCC offers both distance and in-person learning, so your student can do college on their own terms — whether they work a day job or have other responsibilities they need to learn around.
Our community college offers some of the best degree and certificate programs in NJ, whether your student is studying engineering, business, science, liberal arts, or accounting — the possibilities are endless.

Campus Life

What's it like on campus at our community college in New Jersey? Peek inside with a look at campus life and activities. Joining an Honor Society, for example, is a great way to meet classmates and make friends. Students can get into Athletics and enjoy the camaraderie sports brings or catch a workout at the Fitness Center. There are always fun activities going on, and there are many student clubs for all interests, including academic clubs, special interest clubs, as well as opportunities to serve the community as part of the classroom curriculum. Student Government keeps students involved in campus politics, and internships provide opportunities to explore careers.
Our community college is always buzzing with the electricity of learning, friendship, and excitement, and we're certain your student will find a home at one of the best schools in New Jersey!

Student Support

We have all of our best hands on deck to ensure your child feels comfortable, supported, and taken care of at our community college. We offer support for students with disabilities, or if your student just needs someone to talk to, our counselors will provide free sessions for students who need a listening ear whether it's school-related or personal.
For international students, there are special advisers to help with adjustments and degree plans, and RVCC offers assistance for transfer students, high school students who want early credits, and adult learners who are returning to the classroom.
Is your child having a hard time balancing school, work, and a social life? Our support workshops give students the tools they need to successfully create a school/life balance and reap the rewards of their community college education and the resources our campus offers.

Paying for College

Sometimes the hardest part of sending your child to a state college or a community college is how to pay for it. When you seek out admissions assistance, you'll see that financial aid is one of the foremost topics to discuss. RVCC can help students of all economic backgrounds, whether it's through scholarships, loans, grants, or work study programs.

Find out the information you need about paying for school and talk to a financial aid counselor early, so your only concern is helping your child prepare for heading to college!
Instant Decision Day is coming up, and it's a great chance to learn about everything RVCC has to offer! Sign up now to reserve your spot and get ready for a great year for you and your student!