Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual Misconduct and Violence

Raritan Valley Community College affirms the rights of its students, faculty, and staff to live, work, and study in an environment free from violence and sexual misconduct (sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence, and sexual exploitation). Sex offenses; violate college regulations and criminal law. Any reported violation will be treated swiftly through established college disciplinary procedures and/or legal avenues. Reports of Sexual Misconduct and Violence can be reported to Campus Safety and/or The Office of the Dean of Student Services. Confidential support services can also be obtained from our team of counselors within the Office of Advising and Counseling Services and from outside agencies.
Contact Information for the Title IX Coordinator:
Cheryl Wallace, Executive Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Human Resources, Somerset Hall, S220
908-526-1200 x8260
The following can be expected for all cases/investigations that are designated a Title IX incident:
• The college will provide a timely and thorough investigation, and will treat all parties with respect before, during, and after the student conduct process.
• Cases of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment shall be resolved within a 60 day period once the incident has been reported.
• Once a decision has been rendered all of the involved parties will be informed of the decision.
• All involved parties have 5 Business Days to appeal the decision.
• If any involved party appeals, all other parties will be informed and will have the opportunity to review the appeal materials. The other involved parties, if they choose to do so, can submit a statement of response within 5 Business Days of receiving notice of the appeal.

Sexual Consent

Consent is defined as giving explicit permission to participate in any sexual act. Consent must be active, not passive; it cannot be implied or assumed. Each partner must knowingly give permission each and every time they engage in a sexual act.
Consent cannot be given if either participant is:
• under age
• incapacitated
• mentally handicapped/impaired
• asleep
• being threatened, forced or coerced

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