Lauren W

RVCC Major:

Mechanical Engineering (second year), Honors College student

Transfer Plans:

Rutgers University for Aerospace Engineering

Why I Love RVCC:

It’s a smaller school, so the class sizes are smaller. This allows you to get more individual attention should you need it.


All the professors I have had here at RVCC have been awesome and they all seem to really care about their students. The professors actually learn your name instead of seeing you as just another face in a crowd.

Favorite Course:

Probably my Honors College Capstone course. It introduced me to the world of engineering and all of its problems that appear out of nowhere.

RVCC Projects and Activities:

I joined Rotaract this fall semester, and I have really enjoyed volunteering with them when I can. I also went to Nepal with them over winter break, and it was absolutely amazing.

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