Technological Competency
RVCC students require common computer/technology skills to access, process, and present information.  For many programs, students must demonstrate competency or acquire these skills in class.

How can you demonstrate or acquire these skills?
  •   Pass the Competency exam (score 70% or higher) – no credit given
  •   Complete a Gen Ed computer course for credit
  •   Pass a Departmental exam for credit

May this exam serve as a course prerequisite or replace a required course?

No.  This exam only fulfills the technological competency requirement for many programs. Course credit is not given for passing this exam.

Who may take the test?
AA/AS degree students and Nursing students.  See the Catalog for programs accepting the exam for competency.  (Competency testing is not available for students in programs that require CISY-102, 103, 105, or 122.)

What is tested?
RVCC uses an internet-based exam to test competency – CSPlacement.  This test covers:
  • Basic Concepts of IT
  • Information & Communication
  • File Management
  • Word 2010
  • Excel 2010
  • Access 2010
  • Powerpoint 2010 

If the competency test is taken, when should it be taken?
Nursing students should take the exam prior to enrolling in the RN or PNAD program. Most students in a program with the exam option will take the exam prior to the start of the program.  Students should review the Catalog for information specific to their majors.

What does the test cost?
There is a $45 fee to take the test.  You may retest once at a cost of $10 after two days.

Where can I get more information on this and other program requirements?
Complete information is available in the catalog.

Computer Literacy Technological Competency Test: Windows 7 / Office 2010

The exam consists of 70 questions to be answered within 70 minutes. Please be familiar with the concepts below in order to earn the 70% required to pass the test. The questions are both hands on and multiple choice.

Basic Concepts:
  •  Bytes/kilobytes/megabytes/terabytes
  •  Computer security
  •  Copyright Protection
  •  Data storage
  •  E-commerce
  •  Hardware and software
  •  Identifying operating systems
  •  Internet and World Wide Web
  •  Measuring processor speed
  •  ROM
  •  User licenses
File Management:
  •  Adding a desktop background
  •  Control Panel
  •  Creating a screenshot
  •  Creating folders
  •  File Compression
  •  Identifying file types by their icon
  •  Keyboard shortcuts
  •  Minimize/maximize/restore down
  •  Navigating Windows (folders, icons)
  •  Restarting computer
  •  Selecting multiple folders simultaneously
  •  Sorting files in a dialog box
  •  Windows Task Manager
Information and Communication:
  •  Accessing Internet Explorer (IE) home page
  •  Adding favorites in IE
  •  Email – To/CC/BCC
  •  IE back button
  •  IE Options
  •  Opening a new tab in IE
  •  Reloading Web pages in IE
  •  Saving images on a Web page
  •  Smartphone operating systems
  •  Web cookie
Access 2010:
  •  Adding labels to a form
  •  Adding new records using a form
  •  Changing from design view to datasheet view
  •  Data types
  •  Deleting records
  •  Filtering queries using criteria
  •  Navigating through records
  •  Primary keys/relationships
  •  Record vs. field
  •  Running queries
  •  Tables
Word 2010
  •  Adding a first line indent using ruler
  •  Adding a new paragraph
  •  Headers and Footers
  •  Navigating commands on the ribbon
    •  Changing font color/size/line spacing/alignment
    •  Converting text to uppercase
    •  Creating bulleted lists
    •  Format painter tool
    •  Hiding non-printable characters
    •  Inserting picture/clip art/symbols
    •  Undoing your last action  
  •  Setting tab stops using ruler
PowerPoint 2010
  •  Adding shapes/smart art
  •  Animations vs. transitions
  •  Applying themes
  •  Inserting clipart
  •  Moving pictures without distorting size
  •  Notes pane
  •  Printing notes/handouts
  •  Saving in other file formats
  •  Slide layouts
  •  Slide views
  •  The more button
  •  Viewing a slide show


Excel 2010
  •  Adding additional worksheets
  •  Adding borders
  •  Adding formulas/functions
  •  Auto Sum
  •  Changing decimal places
  •  Copying formulas/functions
  •  Fill handle
  •  Merge and center
  •  Printing
  •  Selecting all cells in a sheet
  •  Sorting content
  •  Undoing your last action
  •  Zoom tool