The Fall semester course schedule is now set. Click here to watch a short video on learning options and how to register for classes.


The first round of the Federal CARES grant awards have been posted. If you have met all the eligibility requirements for the grant, the amount of your award will be posted in the Financial Aid tab of Lion’s Den for Spring 2020.

If you have an questions about the first round of CARES awards, email CaresActApplication@raritanval.edu

A second round of Federal CARES funding will be made available during the fall 2020 semester. Please check your college email regularly for the latest updates.


  • FEDERAL EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE FOR STUDENTS - application deadline has past

Update from RVCC President Michael McDonough (July 8)

Good morning. An update about road safety: clearly, we have little interest in road safety here as my son passed his test yesterday and is now endorsed by NJ’s DMV to operate a motor vehicle. I failed my test three times before getting a license. I’ve been in the car with my son…and the therapy is helping.

Very few updates:

  • Thank you to all the RVCC staff who are helping our admissions team. As we try to register and enroll as many students as possible for the fall semester, I’m very appreciative of all the support that admissions is receiving.
  • Some early information about food services for the fall semester. The main cafeteria will be closed; all food items will be available at the Starbucks location, operating as a “grab and go” service.
  • Another reminder to check in with security in the Welcome Center if you are visiting campus. Identify where you’ll visit and sign out when you leave.

As new cases seem to be on the rise, please take additional care and stay safe.

Update from RVCC President Michael McDonough (July 7)

Good morning. Today, is National Strawberry Sundae Day (apparently, I missed National Squirrel Appreciation Day – January 21st - and National Bavarian Crepes Day - March 22nd).

Some updates:

  • A reminder that if you have not filed your FAFSA and you intend to enroll for the 20-21 academic year, you have until June 2021. It’s important to file so that you become aware of the range of student aid that might be available.
  • RVCC is asking Congresswoman Watson Coleman to support reinstating Pell Grants to incarcerated students. Recently, there’s been renewed interest in restoring this funding and Congresswoman Watson Coleman has been a very dedicated support of the community college sector and of the students we serve.
  • I want to thank Sanofi for their continued support of the Corporate Mentor Program at RVCC. Recently, they contributed $50,000 to continue the program for the next academic year. I want to thank Sanofi for their generous support of the program and their investment in our students.
  • I’m troubled by the recent decision that will force international students to leave the country if they are only taking classes in an online modality. International students are such an important part of American higher education and I’m bewildered by this decision.
  • Finally, am important reminder that if you do visit campus that you remember to check in with campus safety at the Welcome Center and that you identify the specific areas that you visit on campus. It’s very important that we maintain a log of visitors and that we can make sure cleaning protocols are followed. Thanks.

I hope you all continue to remain safe. I encourage all students to register for the fall and to not lose sight of your academic goals. I know that these times are certainly anxious and uncertain, but RVCC will continue to serve its students and to help all students transform their lives.

Update from RVCC President Michael McDonough (July 6)

Good morning. Today, Rutgers announced that it will remain mostly “remote” for the fall semester.  There will be very few on-campus classes (lab work, clinical studies, and arts instruction), extremely limited on-campus housing options, and no campus events for the entire semester. It is not clear how athletics will be affected by this decision.

Some updates:

  • Late last week, RVCC was informed of its GEER allocation. We will receive $647,289 from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief fund. While we will have to submit individual applications in order to access the money, it is a much-needed addition to our revenue.
  • The state has released its Supplemental Budget for the 5th Quarter, a part of which is operating aid to community colleges. Reading the fine print, I calculate that the total allocation to the community college sector is $16,675,000. This week the community college presidents will propose a way to allocate these funds; it is likely that we will adopt the current operating formula to distribute funds. I will let the campus community know about the decision and communication our total allocation. In short, more encouraging news.
  • New Jersey’s independent colleges are asking the governor to recommend physical distancing in classroom space rather than making the six feet of separation a requirement. RVCC does not support this proposal and we will continue to reform our instructional spaces (or limit class size) so that we can follow CDC guidelines for physical distancing.
  • I continue to be grateful (and impressed) by the work of our Reopening Task Force. They continue to make progress regarding issues of compliance, of building access, of classroom and other instructional space adaptations, and of cleaning protocols.
  • On July 2, RVCC’s COVID-19 Testing Site served 152 residents, the highest number since opening. The site plans to open on Thursday, July 9th.
  • RVCC is looking at an opportunity regarding Montclair’s School of Conservation Campus at Stokes State Forest in Sussex County. If RVCC decides to move forward with this initiative, I will provide an update to the campus community.

As I see news reports from the south and the southwest, I remind you to be cautious and to be responsible. Enjoy the warmth. My boys, both racing fans, wanted me to acknowledge the return of F1 racing – so acknowledged.

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Employment and Assistance Resources for New Jersey Community College Students and Community Members Affected by the Coronavirus

Health Resources for New Jersey Community College Students and Community Members Affected by the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Symptoms

Symptoms of the coronavirus appear within two to 14 days after exposure and include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. For people who have traveled to China or other areas impacted by the virus or have had close contact with someone infected with this new coronavirus and have developed symptoms, contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible, and tell them about your symptoms and your exposure to a patient with the coronavirus. Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19, nor is there a medicine to treat it specifically.

Protect Yourself

There are simple daily precautions you can take to help prevent the spread of the virus, flu or colds:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water, and for at least 20 seconds each time.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are ill.
  • Cough or sneeze into your clothing sleeve.
  • Do not reuse tissues after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched.
  • Refrain from coming to campus if you are sick.

For Up-to-Date Information

The New Jersey Department of Health has set up a 24/7 public hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

For the most up-to-date and credible information about the coronavirus, visit the following websites:

Testing site infographic

 covid19 symptoms spanish

covid19 spanish