The Top 5 Reasons Why College Students Should Take Summer Classes at RVCC

Friday, December 21, 2018
College Summer Classes at RVCC

Are you a college student heading home for the summer?  Have you begun to plan out how you will put your time to good use? Well, summer 2019 at RVCC just might be the summer to remember--at least when it comes to your academics!  After all, at Raritan Valley Community College, you can take top-notch summer classes from an accredited College, earn credits and easily transfer credits back to your home school. Get the most out of your summer break with an outstanding educational partner like RVCC. Our handy list below outlines the benefits on why you should take action now on this amazing opportunity! 

Top 5 Reasons to Take Summer Classes at RVCC

  1. Save Money.

As a college student, there is nothing more gratifying than completing courses, and it’s even better when you can save a significant amount of money. In fact, the summer 2019 in-county tuition at RVCC is just $153 per credit, and out-of-county tuition is just $198. In comparison--according to average cost per credit for colleges across every sector (including private and public, for-profit and not-for-profit, and two and four-year colleges) is $594.46.

  1. Tackle Challenging Classes With Less Stress.

Use your summer break to take that challenging course that you have been putting off taking.  Instead, make the experience more pleasant by focusing your efforts around that class without the stress of having to divide your time and attention across five classes at the same time. You can also receive free tutoring or explore a study group for extra support since you will have more time. Click here for a complete list of RVCC’s summer classes.

  1. Maintain Your GPA.

Visiting students can typically take summer courses on a pass/fail basiswhich means you can receive credits and fulfill program requirements without impacting your GPA.

  1. Transferring Credits is Easy.

RVCC makes transferring credits to your home school a snap! Before registering for classes, confirm with your home school and then reach out to an RVCC Admissions Counselor.

  1. Graduate Sooner!

You could graduate earlier than expected if you complete enough summer classes.  Contact an RVCC Admissions Counselor for details.

RVCC offers a phenomenal faculty, reputable academics, and an amazing career training program while still being an affordable College. Make RVCC a part of your summer plans!  To view our step-by-step checklist for enrolling as a visiting student, click here. Summer registration opens January 4.

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