Cross the Finish Line and Complete Your Degree at RVCC!


Cross the Finish Line and Complete Your Degree at RVCC!

Thursday, June 16, 2022
Complete Your Degree at RVCC

Sometimes life has a way of disrupting one’s college journey. Maybe you’ve taken a break for personal reasons, or perhaps affordability is an issue and you’re thinking about skipping next semester. No matter what the reason, RVCC is here to help you get back on track so you can finish your degree and reap the rewards of being a college graduate. If you’re asking yourself: “Should I go back to school?”—read on!

Why Is It Important to Finish a Degree?

Simply put, college is a smart investment. A recent Economic Impact Study revealed that the average student who receives an Associate Degree from RVCC will see an increase in earnings of $11,200 each year, compared to someone with only a high school diploma working in New Jersey. RVCC offers job shadowing, internships, and job placement services, making it easy to start earning soon after you receive your degree or certificate.
Research also shows that people with a college degree enjoy higher rates of home ownership, better mental health, and even a higher life expectancy—all adding up to a greater quality of life.

Navigating the Cost Factor

Whether you are a new or returning student, you may have valid concerns about affordability and how to pay for college tuition. RVCC offers many ways to help make college affordable for students and is open to anyone seeking quality higher education.

With a number of state, national, and institutional financial aid options, loans, and scholarships, RVCC will assist you with a funding package that’s based on your eligibility and needs.
There is even the possibility of free community college for those who qualify. RVCC participates in the New Jersey Community College Opportunity Grant Program (NJ CCOG), which offers students free tuition at in-county schools, up to 18 credits a semester. The program is meant for students without a prior college degree whose total household adjusted income does not exceed $65,000. Click here for FAQs on NJ CCOG.

To see if you qualify for any form of financial aid, the first step is to complete the FASFA—or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

How Do I Go Back to College at RVCC?
If you’re an RVCC student who is ready to return, wonderful! We’re excited to welcome you back. Just follow these steps:

  • Contact an Enrollment Coach who will update all your records & review your major options
  • Contact Tech Support to get access to your Lion’s Den student portal
  • Apply for Financial Aid by filling out the FAFSA
  • Check your EduNav tile on Lion’s Den to see what classes you still need to take.Talk with an Academic Advisor for help selecting classes
  • Pay tuition and register for classes

Attend an Upcoming Registration Day

RVCC is a holding a number of upcoming Registration Days for current RVCC students who are already enrolled at RVCC. At these events, you will be able to address many of the above items in person. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet with an academic advisor and register for class
  • Explore financial aid options including loans, grants, scholarships, and the Free Tuition Program

If you have documents that still need to be submitted, bring them to your scheduled day and an Enrollment Coach will assist you.
And please remember to bring a photo ID with you.
Click here to see dates for upcoming Current Student Registration Days and be sure to register!

Register as a New Student

Are you a new student? Whether you are a first-time college student or incoming transfer student, RVCC is here to help you through the steps for enrollment. Click here to get started! 
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