RVCC: NJ’s Ultimate Summer Camp Destination for Kids and for Teens!


RVCC: NJ’s Ultimate Summer Camp Destination for Kids and for Teens!

Thursday, March 10, 2022
RVCC: NJ’s Ultimate Summer Day Camps for Kids and for Teens!

With summer right around the corner, you may be wondering:  Are there any interesting summer day camps near me?  The answer unequivocally is YES.  New Jersey’s best-kept secret for summer programs for kids and teens ages 5-17 is Raritan Valley Community College!

Become a hero in the eyes of your child or teen when you align their passions with just the right courses. From programs in architecture, arcade electronics and engineering, to offerings focusing on Legos, crime scene investigation, digging for dinosaurs, jewelry design, and yoga, RVCC’s 2022 extensive summer catalog truly has something for everyone.

Classes for RVCC’s summer sessions are filling up quickly.  Learn more by visiting https://www.raritanval.edu/community-resources/programs-for-kids-and-teens.

Here’s just a sample of the amazing classes RVCC offers in summer 2022:

Summer Science Classes and Camps

NASA: Journey Into Outer Space - In-Person

Ages: 6-12

Take a voyage of discovery into the atmosphere and beyond as we explore planets, moons, and other space phenomena. Build your own Mad Science rocket and participate in a real NASA style rocket launch! Create a kitchen comet and bring home lots of cool NASA take homes!  

Chemical Wizardry - In-Person

Ages: 6-12

Get ready for a fun-filled “magical” laboratory experience Harry Potter style! This class is an introduction to the science of chemistry and physics. In addition to learning about atoms, bonding, and the periodic table, you will enjoy making Flubber, Silly Putty, Super Hi- Bounce balls, and more. Have fun making play dough, Glowing Goo, and even a tie-dye style shirt. We will create atomic worm polymers and lava lamp-like blobs.

Lego Building and Machines - In-Person

Ages: 7-12

LEGO enthusiasts have fun building your favorite adventure from the many themes that Lego has to offer. We will offer projects from Lego Star Wars, City, Architecture, Friends, Creator, and many NEW themes. Projects will vary depending on availability from LEGO headquarters, but will include age-appropriate new models.

Sports Medicine - In-Person

Ages: 6-12
See what it is like to be an orthopedic surgeon and perform Tommy John Surgery. Make a model of the hand and see how the tendons and ligaments work. Learn what can go wrong. Students will learn about different sports medicine careers, athlete's foot, why we sweat, hydration, stretching, lifting weights, hand, and knee injuries as well as concussions.

Arcade Electronics - In-Person

Ages: 7-12

Work together with an electronics kit to build fun arcade games. Program a spinning light to display different sayings! Build and play a Home Run Derby game! Build circuits to test your memory, and an electronic circuit that plays the card game “21”. Learn to program the circuit board to make different funky sounds. Play with the disco ball, sirens, or even a light show! Learn about different electronic components, amps, volts, resistance, and power.

Architecture & Engineering Challenges - In-Person

Ages: 8-12

Architecture and engineering are the focus of this program.  You will work to design and build towers, balsa bridges and a wide array of Lego and K’nex™ architecture projects.  Have fun building famous architectural designs from around the world. You will also build bridges, towers, and other structures using a variety of materials and learn about structural engineering principles and forces that act on structures.  

Crime Scene Investigation - In-Person

Ages: 9-13

Learn about forensics, crime scene investigations, and crime lab chemistry as you perform experiments designed to show you just how those tricky cases are solved. Search for evidence, gather clues, and discover how science can help solve a mystery! Dust for and classify fingerprints, analyze handwriting, test for blood type and DNA using simulated blood, and use “Glow Blood” to see where humans can’t see. Examine hair and clothing fibers, practice chemistry to identify mystery substances, and much more.

Summer Enrichment Classes and Camps

Public Speaking - In-Person

Ages: 12-17

This course covers many techniques to improve and excel in public speaking. Topics will include speech introductions, how to prepare an ice breaker speech, organizing speaking points, powerful speech opening, and closings. In addition, topics related to handling and conquering fear, body language, and breathing techniques for improving confidence and vocal quality are covered.

Writing Workshop - In-Person

Ages: 9-12

This class encourages writing as an art form in ways that are fun, yet engaging and effective in keeping with current research in the field of writing studies. All you need to bring is your imagination, and we provide the rest.

Jewelry Design - In-Person

Ages: 8-12

In this class, students learn how to create unique one of a kind jewelry pieces using, pliers, crimpers, wire, and novelty findings. They make bracelets, earrings and necklaces for themselves friends and family. No stringing allowed! Students learn basic principles of design and how to balance appropriate beads for unique beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Learn to Sew - In-Person

Ages: 8-12

In this class students learn how to sew using a commercial sewing pattern. Students begin by sewing a pair of pull on pajama shorts, followed by a flirty summer skirt and complete this fun filled class by sewing a tote bag! All materials are included in the fee. Students use full size sewing machines.

Young Authors - Online

Ages: 9-12

This fun online workshop is a must for future authors. Students will study various children's book authors. They will learn how to write an interesting picture book.

Intro to Business and Entrepreneurship - In-Person

Ages: 12-17

This boot camp will introduce you to various business terminologies, concepts, and entrepreneurship. Topics include concepts of Marketing, Economics, Management, Accounting, and Finance. The course involves the application of concepts through research assignments that simulate today’s workplace.

Yoga - In-Person

Ages: 7-11

Yoga benefits the mind, body, and spirit! Sessions will include learning physical postures and Pranayama’s (Breathing exercise) for both physical and mental conditioning. Participants will be able to improve their confidence, presentation skills as they will be given a chance to present poses to the group in their last session.

To register or for additional information about RVCC’s vast array of programs for kids and teens, visit: https://www.raritanval.edu/community-resources/programs-for-kids-and-teens