Summer of Success: Take Summer 2024 Classes at RVCC!


Summer of Success: Take Summer 2024 Classes at RVCC!

Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Summer of Success: Take Summer 2022 Classes at RVCC!

Summer will be here before we know it! At Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey, you can take a wide range of online or in-person summer classes to earn credits at an affordable price. There’s no application fee, so apply today!

Whether you’re a high school student, a current RVCC student or a visiting student from another college, RVCC will help you make the most of your summer break and potentially accelerate your graduation.

Here are 5 reasons to graduate college early: You can save on tuition, tackle student loan debt sooner, transition to graduate school, jumpstart your job search, or take a break and travel before starting your career. Many students wonder how to graduate college early. Taking classes over the summer is a great way to do so!

Visiting students can typically take summer courses on a pass/fail basiswhich means you can receive credits and fulfill program requirements without impacting your GPA. Plus, RVCC makes it easy to transfer credits to your home school. Just be sure to check with your college first to make sure the credits are transferrable.

Read on for everything you need to know about taking a summer class at RVCC!

How to Find Summer Classes at RVCC
The best place to find available summer classes at RVCC is here. Select “Summer 2024” from the pull-down menu, then search by subject to see classes offered, dates and times, number of available seats, and information on any prerequisites that may be required.

If you’re new to RVCC, you must first apply here. You’ll be able to register for classes as soon as that quick-and-easy process is complete. If you’re a current RVCC student, log in to Lion’s Den to register for classes.

Below is just a sampling of the many subject areas you can study at RVCC this summer!

  • Take an Academic Class

Use your summer break to knock out a required class or take that challenging course that you have been putting off for the future. This way you’ll be able to focus your efforts on that class without the stress of having to divide your time and attention across multiple classes at the same time.

  • Learn a New Language

Whether Spanish, French, ESL, or American Sign Language, RVCC has a language course for you in summer 2024. It’s a great way to pick up a new skill, prepare for travel, or cross a foreign language requirement off your list. Search for summer 2024 language courses here.

  • Hone a Trade

This summer, RVCC is offering a number of career training courses at our Workforce Training Center! These include classes in Automotive Technology, Commercial Energy Management, Environmental Control, Esthetics & Skin Care, Machining, and more. Check the events calendar for upcoming information sessions for these programs—or simply search for classes here.

  • Become Business Savvy

With RVCC’s summer business courses, you can learn to operate and manage a small business, get up to speed on personal finance, discover the principles of business management, and more! Search for summer business classes here.

Summer Semester Dates at RVCC

RVCC offers three different summer sessions, so you can plan your classes according to your schedule this summer. Go to the individual course you are interested in to find out timing. You can view the RVCC summer calendar here. The following summer sessions are being offered:

  • Six Week Summer Session: May 20-June 28
  • Nine-Week Summer Session: June 10 - August 16
  • Second Six-Week Summer Session: July 8 - August 16

Ready to Make the Most of Your Summer?

Have you been Googling “summer courses or online community college courses near me?” Rest assured that Raritan Valley Community College is the best choice for summer 2024!

Ranked by and as the #1 community college in NJ, RVCC has been serving as an academic and cultural center for Somerset and Hunterdon County residents for over 50 years. The College offers more than 90 degree and certificate options, with vibrant in-person instruction, accredited online courses, and so much more. For further information, visit