RVCC Answers Parents’ Top 8 FAQs about Learning this Fall

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
RVCC Answers Parents’ Top 8 FAQs about Learning this Fall

The first day of classes at RVCC begin on Wednesday, September 2. And, this year, many parents are exploring high quality education options for their children that are closer to home and more affordable. With that decision come a lot of questions about safety, financial aid opportunities, academic programs, and more. To help keep you informed, RVCC compiled a list of parents’ most frequently asked questions about their college student’s learning this Fall. Read on and feel free to forward it to your family and friends!

Top 8 FAQs from RVCC Parents

1. Will RVCC be Offering In-Person Classes as Well as Online for the Fall Semester?

RVCC has carefully developed a plan that provides students with safe, healthy, and flexible learning options: 1) Online Anytime­--online classes where your student can study from home at your student’s own pace; 2) Remote Classroom--online classes held at a scheduled time, and your child can interact online in real time; and 3) Hands-on Campus Classes--in-person classes with a reduced number of students to allow for social distancing. To view Fall courses, visit here and register now!

2. Why Should My Child Choose RVCC?

The RVCC website and social media channels will provide you with some essential information about all RVCC has to offer and the benefits of an RVCC education. However, attending a Virtual Information Session is hands down the best way to get all of your questions answered. Register here!

3. Can My Child Transfer RVCC Credits to Another School Later?

RVCC students can seamlessly transfer credits to a four-year institution. RVCC graduates have transferred to prestigious colleges and universities including Rutgers, The College of New Jersey, NYU, Cornell and NJIT. If your child is planning to attend RVCC as a Visiting Student and will be transferring credits earned at RVCC to another college, your student should get prior approval from the home college before registering for classes at RVCC.

4. My Child Has Applied to RVCC, What’s the Next Step?

Check out RVCC’s I’ve Applied, What’s Next Sessions taking place throughout August. Specially trained enrollment coaches will guide your student through the enrollment process. Click here to register!

5. How Does RVCC’s Tuition Compare to Other New Jersey Schools?

RVCC offers affordable, high quality education. In fact, you can save money and avoid huge college debts by enrolling at RVCC! You’ll spend more than twice as much to send your child to a four-year public college in New Jersey and six times as much to go to a NJ private university.

6. What Program Options Does RVCC Offer?

The College offers a wide range of top-notch options including degree programs that are designed to transfer to four-year colleges and universities and hands-on career programs that can prepare your student for employment in some of the most in-demand fields including healthcare, HVAC and advanced manufacturing. All programs are affordably priced and taught by accomplished faculty with advanced degrees. Browse RVCC’s catalog

7. How Can I Learn About Financial Aid & Scholarships?

RVCC’s Financial Aid Specialists are incredibly helpful in navigating you and your student through the process. They’re experts in all financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and loans. Be sure to inquire about New Jersey’s Free Tuition Program and NJ STARS program to see if your student is eligible. Attend a Virtual Information Session to get your questions answered.  Register here!

8. Does RVCC Offer Services to Support Students?

From counseling and academic advising to tutoring and student leadership opportunities, RVCC offers students a wide range of services to help them succeed at RVCC and in life. For details, click here.

If you’re wondering “What are the best colleges near me?” Without a doubt, it’s RVCC! With its extensive college degrees and certificate programs, RVCC offers high quality education at an affordable cost.

About RVCC

RVCC has been ranked the best community college in NJ by WalletHub.com and Niche.com. Washington Monthly ranked RVCC eighth in the country in the category of “Best Colleges for Adult Learners (2 Year Colleges)” for 2018. As a leading state college in New Jersey, RVCC serves students locally from Somerset County and Hunterdon County, across the country, and around the world, offering top degree programs and the best local career training. For information, visit www.raritanval.edu.