Top 4 Reasons Why Visiting Students Should Make RVCC Their Summer Destination

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Top 4 Reasons Why Visiting Students Should Make RVCC Their Summer Destination

Who ever said that your summer can’t be fun and productive? In addition to catching up with friends while you are back in town, hitting the Shore for some beach time and relaxing with family, consider getting ahead in your studies! At Raritan Valley Community College, you can put your summer 2020 break to good use by taking advantage of the high quality, diverse and affordable courses. Read on to learn more about the benefits or apply now!

#1:  Time is Money!

You can save a significant amount of money by taking classes at an affordable, accredited institution like Raritan Valley Community College. With tuition skyrocketing, you need to make sound fiscal decisions to avoid being saddled with college debt. According to, the average loan debt per student hit a record high in 2018 at approximately $35,359. At only $162 per credit (in-county), RVCC offers an affordable alternative to a four-year public or private school. More importantly, in the long-term you could graduate sooner if you take enough classes. Contact an RVCC Admissions Specialist for details.

#2:  Focus on That Challenging Course!

You’ve been procrastinating over that challenging class because you know that it—along with the myriad of other things in your life—will stress you out. Well, consider focusing your efforts on that particular course during the summer when the weather is pleasant and your distractions are limited. Who knows…you might end up meeting new friends and loving that course after all! And, remember that RVCC offers free tutoring at the Academic Support Center should you need it. The Summer Session begins May 18th. Learn more here!

#3:  Maintain Your GPA!

As a visiting student, you can typically take summer courses on a pass/fail basis—which means you can receive credits and fulfill program requirements without impacting your GPA.  This is a total win/win! So, apply now and remember to share this great news with your friends, too!

#4:  Easily Transfer Credits to Your Home School.

By enrolling in summer classes, you’ll earn credits that easily transfer back to your home school. Before you apply, confirm with your home school that it will accept the credits for a specific course, and then reach out to an RVCC Admissions Specialist for support.

RVCC offers a phenomenal faculty, reputable academics, and an amazing career training program while still being an affordable College. To learn more, attend one of RVCC's Open House or Information Sessions. We look forward to seeing you and hope that you’ll make RVCC a part of your summer plans! 

RVCC has been ranked the best community college in NJ by,,, and Washington Monthly ranked RVCC eighth in the country in the category of “Best Colleges for Adult Learners (2 Year Colleges)” for 2018. As a leading state college in New Jersey, RVCC serves students locally from Somerset County and Hunterdon County, across the country, and around the world, offering top degree programs and the best local career training. For information, visit