SAP Basis HANA Administration

SAP Basis HANA Administration

SAP Basis HANA Administration


 BU355 – 44 hours
Instructor: Dr. K.J. Reddy
Date: Coming Fall 2022
Day: Saturday
Time: 9am-5pm
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SAP HANA is the next generation business platform which brings together business transactions, advanced analytics, mobile experience, and collaborative business. SAP has positioned HANA as the intelligent digital core on which all enterprise applications will run in the future.

This course will build a solid foundation on enterprise computing and launch careers to SAP System Administration. This course will start with SAP Basis concepts followed by SAP HANA administration. Participants will have hands-on experience with SAP ERP and HANA systems SAP Basis topics include SAP Basis module, System monitoring, System performance tuning, Security concepts and SAP HANA administration.

Certificates will be issued upon completion of the course and passing a final test.

Who should take the course?

  • System Administrators, IT Business Analysts, Project Team members
  • Eager to switch their career from legacy systems to SAP or interested to enter the field of enterprise computing and reporting
  • Looking to start a new career path with higher earnings and improved skills

What will participants learn?

  • SAP HANA system architecture overview
  • HANA administration tools, like HANA cockpit and HANA studio
  • HANA platform and application lifecycle management
  • Availability and scalability
  • HANA database backup and recovery
  • How to manage system and tenant databases
  • How to monitoring memory usage and persistent data storage
  • Mastering workload management, trace file collection & troubleshooting
  • Maintaining SAP HANA XS advanced model

Prerequisites: RVCC Professional Development Course: Intro to Cloud Computing, or, experience with Windows or UNIX administration. Those who have a database administrator background can benefit from this course.

About Your Instructor
Dr. K.J. Reddy received his Ph.D. degree in Marine Biology from the University of Miami in 1984. Prior to joining Binghamton University as an Assistant professor, he worked as a scientist at University of Missouri and Purdue University. While at Binghamton university, Dr. Reddy taught Microbiology and Molecular Biology for undergraduate and graduate students. As a faculty member, he supervised and mentored two Ph.D.’s, three master’s and 14 undergraduate students. He published 30 articles in scientific journals and books. In the late 90s, he switched his career to SAP consulting. For the past two decades as an SAP system administrator, he worked on various SAP projects involving SAP Basis, NetWeaver and SAP HANA. He worked as an SAP Basis administrator for SHARP electronics and Sanofi-Aventis pharmaceuticals. As a senior consultant in SAP America, he participated in various SAP ERP and HANA projects for companies like Colgate, Lexmark, HP, Kaiser Permanente, Marathon Oil, Zurich Insurance and Bell Canada. He has extensive experience in Information Technology and taught an SAP Basis Administration course for local Information Technology training company in NJ.

For more information, please contact the Manager of Professional Development, Aubrey Flanagan, at or 908-526-1200 x8529.


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