Computer Science Club
The club provides an opportunity for students interested in computer science, problem solving, and logical thinking to learn and develop skills in an environment that encourages teamwork and innovation.   

What are our meetings like?
Meetings are a place to show off your personal CS/programming projects, both theoretical and applied, and discuss current events in the world of computer science and technology. You are encouraged to ask for help when you need it and offer help when asked. Most importantly, meetings are an opportunity to get together with fellow technophiles and get some experience in team-based projects, a crucial skill in CS and any field.

What do we do?
Besides personal and team-based projects, club members are encouraged to attend events such as technology conventions and Hackathons. We also take an active role in our communities by promoting interest in computer science and all STEM fields.

How can you reach us?
Advisor: Stephen Brower,

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