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The Record is Raritan Valley Community College’s independent student-managed, on-line newspaper. It a medium for information related to the college community, as well as an outlet for students to practice writing, video, photo, graphic design and web design skills. The mission of The Record is to report campus news, news of interest to our students and publicize matters of concern to the college community.

What are our meetings like?
We work together to discuss ideas for articles based on matters of concern that the college community should hear. We also use this time to help each other develop articles and discuss other newspaper business.

What do we do?
Students learn how to gather information for news articles and how to write for a newspaper. We then use these skills to bring news to the college community.

How can you reach us?
Editor:  Ben Auletta,
Advisor: Bick Treut,
Campus Media: The Record, Online

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