The Institute provides programs for the College and the community.  Annual programs include:

Paul Robeson Youth Achievement Awards
The awards, which were established in 1990, honor outstanding high-achieving African-American students in the areas of scholarship, athletics, the arts and community service. Students in Somerset and Hunterdon counties are nominated by their guidance counselors, teachers and school administrators for these prestigious awards.  Nominated students must be Black/African American, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and attend school or live in Somerset and Hunterdon counties.

Chandra Rogers -
Jason Fredericks -

Paul Robeson Institute Lectures
The Paul Robeson Institute invites famous authors and scholars to speak about Black history and the consequences of racial prejudices for our society. The lectures focus on the achievements and accomplishments of African-Americans and their impact on society.

Black History Month - Robeson Program
February celebrates the cultural, artistic, athletic, and scholarly achievements of Paul Robeson and other African-Americans who made contributions of various kinds to enhance our American society. The Paul Robeson Institute supports the numerous events that are presented for Black History Month at RVCC.

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