Pre-Med Club
The RVCC Pre-Medicine Club is aimed towards motivated, determined individuals looking to pursue a career in medicine. We serve as the first club on campus to target specifically students that plan to pursue a graduate program such as medical school and physician assistant school. We work together to keep everyone updated and on top of the process of applying to medical school, including announcing research opportunities and ensuring everyone knows how to spend their undergraduate years to make themselves competitive. Together, we build an intimate community of fellow pre-medicine students to motivate, and help one another with each of our journeys towards our end goal of a career in healthcare.

What are our meetings like? Our meetings are broken down into informative meetings and presentation days. On informative meeting days, the meeting will be structured around important topics including how to study for the MCAT, to how to get yourself involved in volunteering abroad. On presentation days, our committee officers gather their research about research opportunities, internship opportunities, and volunteer opportunities and present them to the club with the following application links to apply to. The purpose of these days is to educate all members of opportunities that they can apply for to build their resume for a competitive pre-medicine resume.

What do we do? As a pre-medicine club member, you come to weekly meetings that occur during college hour. As a group, we will start each meeting off with a medical related video, and then move into our informative topic for the day. We brainstorm of things we can be doing to get a head start on the process (for example, if we are talking about the MCAT that day, we will think and outline all of the routes you could be successful in studying for the MCAT and achieve a high score). At the end of the meeting is when we put our heads together to think of a good team activity for the month such as building first aid kits for the less fortunate and bake sales to raise money for the club. Leadership positions are available and are encouraged!

How can you reach us?
Advisor: Ahmed Katsha,
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