Young Republicans
"The mission of the Raritan Valley Young Republicans Club is to reach out to young conservatives by expanding membership and volunteer opportunities while upholding the Republican core values."

What are our meetings like?
Each meeting starts off with a general report by the President about the clubs status, followed by reports from any officer who has something to present to the club. After that any planning for future events or projects is done. Students can join committees who will run their projects away from the general club meeting. In the time remaining, We have a topic picked by the club for each meeting where there is casual conversation and discussion between members. No opinion is ever discarded or dismissed, everyone has the right to say what they want.

What do we do?
When we say we want to "reach out to young conservatives" we have a lot of things planned. We discuss certain  topics and issues, centralize conservative students in an organization that gives them a voice, create projects to improve the student experience, find opportunities for community service, and help republicans (at every level) get into office.

How can you reach us?
Advisor: Glenn Ricketts,

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