Degree Programs, Academic Courses, & Study Abroad

Degree Programs, Academic Courses, & Study Abroad


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Degree Programs
Environmental Science – Associate of Science (A.S.)
The Environmental Science program teaches students to examine the impact of humans on the environment from an interdisciplinary approach by incorporating scientific, sociological, political and economic viewpoints. Students consider scientific evidence demonstrating how human activities affect local and global ecosystems and they critically study alternative practices. This option prepares students for transfer into Bachelor of Science degree programs in Environmental Science, Ecology, Natural Resources, Sustainability, and related programs.

Environmental Studies – Associate of Arts (A.A.)
Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to teach students to examine environmental issues from a broad range of perspectives and analytical methods. This option prepares students for transfer into either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree program in Environmental Studies and related fields, which leads to a wide range of career opportunities in Environmental Policy and Law, Journalism, Advocacy, Business, and Education.

Student Voices: …the environmental program at RVCC truly changed my life and the lens through which I see the world. It follows me everywhere I go and is infused in every decision I make.” – Alejandra Murillo, Class of 2016


Academic Courses
The Biology and Environmental Science courses offered at RVCC provide an even blend of rigorous academic learning within the classroom and the laboratory courses that place an emphasis on field work and real-world research experience, utilizing the campus as a living laboratory for studying ecology, sustainability, and more!


BIOL101 – General Biology I
BIOL102 – General Biology II
BIOL150 – Plants, Humans, and the Environment
BIOL231 – Ecology
BIOL232 – Field Botany
BIOL247 – Vertebrate Zoology

Geology and Geography:
GEOL157 – Intro to Geology
GEOG101 – Intro to Physical Geography

Environmental Science:
ENVI101 – Environmental Studies
ENVI102 – Environmental Science and Sustainability
ENVI103 – Energy and the Environment
ENVI201 – Environmental Science Applications
ENVI299 – Ecology Experience Abroad (Brazil)

Other Science Courses:
SCIE210H – Independent Science and Research

Course Descriptions

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Field Trips & Study Abroad
Field trips and hands-on learning experiences are a central component of Biology and Environmental Science classes offered at RVCC. Students taking Ecology conduct research in a variety of NJ ecosystems, ranging from the Highlands to the Pine Barrens. Students taking Environmental Science study a range of topics, from waste and recycling to stream health, learning stewardship practices from local environmental professionals and participating in community projects. These field experiences in combination with coursework prepare our students to enter the workforce with marketable skills on par with early-career scientists.

Ecology Experience Abroad: The Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil
The Ecology Experience Abroad course is an immersive experience that involves an in-class component and a study-abroad component. First, students learn about Brazil’s local culture, language, geography, ecology, and natural history in the classroom at RVCC. Then, the entire class and the professors travel to the Atlantic Rainforest of Bahia, Brazil. There students experience life at a biological research station, learn basic field research skills, participate in rainforest restoration and conservation efforts, explore the diversity of tropical flora and fauna, and experience the food, language, and culture of Bahia.

Student Voices: “The Brazil trip was an amazing experience for me academically. I learned some of the different techniques used in forest restoration. The Brazil trip will be very beneficial for my future. This trip showed me first hand how much of an impact a small group of determined people can make on a big issue like deforestation.” – Noah Motz, Class of 2020



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